Bad Boys for Life : The best cop movie of 2020???

  \Martin Lawrence might not have featured in a film for near 10 years, yet he has a unique spot in my life. At the point when I went to see his dopey 2001 satire Black Knight, it was the first occasion when I really giggled with surrender post-9/11. With outright earnestness, I will be perpetually thankful. Along these lines, while Bad Boys for Life has a totally foolish story, nonexclusive activity, unsurprising plot beats, stupid exchange and genuinely indefensible governmental issues, I actually made some great memories.  Lawrence, who can recount a whole story all over in one response shot, should yell "Goodness poo!" a hundred times in Bad Boys forever. Each time it is amusing for an alternate explanation. He utilizes an exclamatory "Goodness poop!" the manner in which Rembrandt utilized oils. In the event that he was charming as a young fellow, he is doubly so at 54 years old, with his Bad Boys character Marcus Burnett another granddad anxious to resign from